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New Research Division Blog

By TAGT Research Division posted 11-27-2017 21:47

The TAGT Research Division is pleased to announce the creation of a new blog where members can submit and publish short, research-based articles and blogs of interest to our community. This blog is designed to give undergraduates, graduates, and practitioners an opportunity to share their recent research, review the literature, and state the implications of their work for K-12 educators.

Article submissions should follow this format:

  1. 300-350 words: Summary of the current research findings/review of the literature
  2. 350-400 words: Implications for K-12 teachers (practitioners?) 
  3. How do your findings apply in the classroom? 
  4. What are the major takeaways?
  5. 150 words: Where can I go for more information/resources on the topic?
  6. 100 words:  Author(s) Biography

To submit an article for the blog, please contact Publications Chair, Kristin Majority, at